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Billing Intelligence

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Aspivia's Billing Intelligence (Bi) is a comprehensive, secure, web-based hosted solution. This Telecoms Billing Expense Management (TBEM) platform combines Business Intelligence and Performance Management to turn large amounts of unstructured telecoms billing information into useful and relevant, intelligent telecoms information.

Bi helps you make informed business decisions when creating strategies and objectives which can then be measured and managed. It not only enables you to achieve immediate cost reductions, it helps you to sustain these over the long-term.

The Challenges

It can be extremely challenging to manage your organisation's expenses when you are faced with multiple service providers, carriers and vendors across multiple departments and sites. You're faced with a large volume of complex invoices, large mobile handset fleets and fixed line rentals to name a few.

Your billing team is probably spending most of their time validating, auditing and managing these invoices and payments. When you're dealing with such large volumes of data, it's easy for errors to creep in and details and operational inefficiencies to be overlooked.

A logical solution

Bi resolves your billing issues by

  • Automating the data upload processes
  • Creating standardised views of telecoms expenditure across vendors
  • Having both summary views and the ability to drill down into vendor detail
  • Tracking invoices and highlighting exceptions
  • Creating a platform for historical information

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