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Community Involvement

J2 Software Community InvolvementWe have just come through what has been some very tough years. These times have been really difficult for individuals, welfare organisations and businesses. We have sadly witnessed many companies going into liquidation and closing their doors after many years of operation; this has led to further hardship for those who have been directly and indirectly affected. These last few years will leave nothing but bad memories for many people. J2 Software has been very fortunate through this recession because of the ongoing support shown by our customers.

J2 Software has provided our customers with solutions which save time, cut costs and increase efficiencies. This allows you to protect information and extend the life of resources.

Because of this we have launched a unique campaign internally to allow us to give something back to the society in which we operate. J2 Software will allocate a percentage of all revenue (not just profits) to our Social Responsibility Fund. This means that a percentage of every Rand spent will be set aside to assist worthy causes. This also ensures that all of our clients are helping to make a difference simply by going about their usual business with us. This fund will be used to fund specific projects and we will keep everyone informed of the progress.

We at J2 Software understand that without motivated and happy staff we cannot achieve the goals we have set ourselves. To this end the J2 Software Social Responsibility Fund also provides support to our staff through allocating funds towards the education costs of our staff's children. This is an effective way to not only relieve the burden slighty for our team, but also to allow for the upliftment of the community through quality education.

J2 Software's Social Responsibility team will continue to fund worthy projects for worthy organisations.

Suggestions for future projects will come directly from our clients.

We cannot save the world, but with small, meaningful steps we sure can make a massive difference in the lives of many people.

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