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J2 Software, South Africa

J2 Software is a prominent African ICT company founded in 2006 to address the need for effective information security, governance, risk and compliance solutions in the ICT markets’ across our continent.

J2 Software is a leading ICT distribution and value-added software reseller based in South Africa. We are active across Africa and service the rest of this amazing continent through a mix of direct and channel driven solutions and services. As we embark on our 12th year J2 Software will continue our drive to promote information security awareness and solutions across the continent.

J2 Software provides leading organisations the right tools to take control of their technology spend. Our hand-picked solutions will give you complete visibility and control over your environment, reduce risk and lower costs. J2 Software is proud to represent leading world class solutions such as SystemSkan, Mimecast and our J2 Online Backup solution, to see more please make sure you visit the Solutions page.

Executive Summary

We are faced with an ever changing environment and with that there is uncertainty. In order to remain secure and prevent loss companies are now looking for innovative methods to detect and stop cyber risks. J2 Software has been at the forefront of helping companies achieve these goals for 12 years by providing effective and easy to manage data security and policy enforcement solutions. We offer our clients complete peace of mind through the cost effective delivery of world beating policy enforcement and compliance solutions, data security and PC protection tools and services.

We create value for our customers by ensuring that you have the ability to effectively implement and monitor your internal corporate IT Security Policy and reduce business risk while ensuring compliance. We have solutions that cater for everyone; from a home user, to small medium enterprises (SME's) right up to large corporate and governmental organisations.

We will provide you world class tools that allow you to optimize limited resources and increase productivity by ensuring that all your ICT investments are being used efficiently and to maximum benefit.

History and Current Status

J2 Software was founded after we identified an opportunity in the Information Technology market in South Africa and the rest of Africa for effective internal security and compliance solutions. This requirement has become even more apparent in recent times owing to the fact that organisations are placing a far higher priority on security, accountability and control of their most prized asset, their information. Adding to this is the ever growing pressure being placed on companies and their directors' to maintain the security and control of the sensitive data of their clients, as well as the necessity to conform to various local and international compliance regulations. With the continued rise of confidential data leakage, data theft and internal fraud the modern business has no choice but to protect themselves from this ever changing threat.

J2 Software has grown to offer a wide range of world class solutions and services to enable our clients to get maximum benefit from their ICT Systems, Resources and People. This has led to the addition of numerous best-breed technology solutions to the J2 Software product stable.

The evolving need for the management of changing systems and environments led to the launch of our Cloud and New Technology Distribution (NTD) divisions in recent years.

J2 Software has implemented solutions and provided services at renowned, forward thinking organisations since inception – there are sites running in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Our client list is constantly growing – and some of our clients include.


The keys to success in our business are:

  • Superior Customer Service:  Constant and consistent high-quality client service.
  • Professionalism:  we will always conduct ourselves in a manner that communicates respect and success to our customers.
  • Reputation:  Credibility, integrity, and 100% dedication from initial contact throughout the customer interaction.
  • Staff Empowerment:  We aim to reward and motivate staff in order for them to perfor at their peak and deliver the best possible level of customer service. We are focused on staff growth and actively seek employees who can be nurtured and developed through the ranks into top management positions over time.