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J2 Software is a prominent African ICT company founded in 2006 to address the need for effective information security, governance, risk and compliance solutions in the ICT markets’ across our continent.

Our Story

J2 Software is an established African security-focused technology business founded in 2006 to deliver practical, world-class security services and solutions to our customers. Using our proven approach of getting things done, we provide real solutions to ever-changing cybersecurity problems. 

We are here to make sure that you have enterprise-grade security, no matter the size of your business. J2 Software will deliver managed security services that are tailored to your individual business. No business is the same and we, therefore, know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

By delivering fast to implement, practical solutions we ensure that we are your strategic security partner and will be part of the journey to improved security and effective compliance which goes beyond simply ticking a checkbox. Real security allows our customers to operate more efficiently knowing that information is secured and their reputation is protected.  

We will help you reduce your risk by providing real visibility and effective monitoring with ongoing and rapid remediation; no matter the size of your business. 

We are passionate about improving cybersecurity across our amazing continent and it is our vision to become the leading security-focused technology business in Africa.  

Asset Discovery

Vulnerability Assessments

Threat Detection

Behaviourial Monitoring

Security Intellegence

History and Current Status

J2 Software was founded after we identified an opportunity in the Information Technology market in South Africa and the rest of Africa for effective internally focused security and compliance solutions. This requirement has become even more apparent in recent times owing to the fact that organisations are placing a far higher priority on security, accountability and control of their most prized asset, their information.

Adding to this is the ever-growing pressure being placed on companies and their directors to maintain the security and control of the sensitive data of their clients, as well as the necessity to conform to various local and international compliance regulations. With the continued rise of confidential data leakage, data theft and internal fraud the modern business has no choice but to protect themselves from this ever-changing threat.

J2 Software has grown to offer a wide range of world-class solutions and services to enable our clients to get maximum benefit from their ICT Systems, Resources and People. This has led to the addition of numerous best-breed technology solutions to the J2 Software offering.

J2 Software provides all of our customers a level of managed cybersecurity services as we do not believe that we simply drop a solution in place and move on. Effective security is a collaboration as strategic partners between our clients and ourselves. By ensuring that you are getting maximum benefit from your security investment we will ensure ongoing security and constantly improving visibility. With visibility, we enable the capability to respond before damage is done. 

J2 Software provides our managed security services via the team of professionals in the J2 Cyber Security Centre (J2 CSC). With our presence in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we provide a unique and redundant capability to ensure that you get the highest level of service availability possible.

The keys to success in our business 


We will empower and incentivise Team J2 members to allow them to be successful, perform at their peak and always deliver superior customer service.


Constant, consistent and reliable high-quality client service.


Credibility, integrity and 100% dedication from initial contact throughout the customer interaction.


We will always conduct ourselves in a manner that communicates respect and success to our fellow team members, customers & suppliers.

Our Clients

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europ assistance
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