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J2 Software, South Africa

SecureFolder Enterprise

Simple File and Folder Encryption

Protect sensitive data on laptops and PCs by encrypting entire folders and the files they contain.

Storing files on central directories carries a high degree of risk. Appropriate measures are required to protect company assets.

J2 Software is proud to bring you SecureFolder Enterprise from SECUDE. SecureFolder Enterprise ensures the highest level of security for your sensitive and confidential data. It uses complex algorithms to encrypt entire folders that are stored locally or on network drives. Compared to other encryption solutions available, SecureFolder Enterprise offers far greater flexibility. Also, this solution does not limit you to any particular folder structure and offers you a centralized management console for encrypted folders.

Users can be authenticated either through secure software tokens, smart cards, or USB tokens. This allows certificate-based authentication of group members for centrally stored documents. The new role-based intelligent authorisation system elegantly separates the functions of system administration, security management, and users. This gives SecureFolder Enterprise clear advantages over other solutions - sensitive data can even be protected effectively from system administrators. The LDAP connection allows convenient and simple administration.

If you do not currently have PKI technology in use for your user certification, SecureFolder Enterprise allows you to equip your users with their own certificates almost automatically.

Due to the increasing use of Identity Management Systems (IDM), SecureFolder Enterprise connects to IDMs via a convenient, yet secure, interface.

SecureFolder Enterprise is installed only on the client side. This ensures that not only the files stored on the server, but also the data transferred between the PC and file server is encrypted.

Comprehensive security results from the use of multiple security components. Enhance your organisation's Infomration Security through the use of FinallySecureTM Enterprise along with SecureFolder Enterprise to give you even greater protection.

These solutions perfectly complement the implementation of risk management and data loss prevention (DLP).