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J2 Software, South Africa

FinallySecureTM Enterprise

Enabling Compliance through Smart Full Disk Encryption

Today almost all of your companies sensitive and confidential data resides on mobile devices like laptops. Companies must figure out how to cost-effectively manage different brands and generations of globally dispersed computers, while implementing corporate security policies, ensuring legal compliance, and preventing data loss and financial penalty.

J2 Software is proud to bring you SECUDE, which gives you an enterprise endpoint data protection solution that provides intelligent technology to secure and manage enterprises' endpoints. Through SECUDE's rapid deployment technology, enterprises can dramatically cut down deployment and administrative costs while providing full end user transparency without requiring any end user training. SECUDE's FinallySecureTM Enterprise seamlessly integrates into existing software management infrastructure; optionally, it provides its own Web-based management and reporting console.

FinallySecureTM Enterprise enables you to handle data anywhere, anytime, while meeting legal compliance and data protection requirements. The solution offers strong user authentication even before the boot-up process. Also, users can authenticate through the optional use of smart cards or digital certificates, thus making their laptops truly secure. FinallySecureTM Enterprise encrypts the entire content in your laptop's hard disk, thus safeguarding your organization from potential financial loss and consequential legal issues even if the computer falls into wrong hands. FinallySecureTM Enterprise's dedicated management console offers greater administrative flexibility and reduces cost.

The FinallySecureTM Enterprise software supports disks that are already equipped with internal hardware-based encryption, such as Seagate Momentus FDE.x. In the future, as the new safety standards come into force, standards such as Opal Security Subsystem Class (Opal SSC) will be integrated.

From the operational perspective, FinallySecureTM Enterprise does not in any way affect user productivity. In fact, the user would hardly notice any change in the computer's performance. The solution has future-proof architecture and is widely installed across many companies. Thus, rest assured as you have made a wise long-term investment.

Comprehensive security results from the use of multiple security components. Enhance your organisation's Information security through the use of FinallySecureTM Enterprise along with the added power of SecureFolder Enterpise to encrypt data folders on your machines and network.

These solutions perfectly complement the implementation of risk management and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).