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SkyView Policy Minder OPEN

PolicyMinderSkyView Policy Minder OPEN automates security administration and policy compliance tasks and reporting for Open Systems including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu, CentOS and IBM AIX. With Policy Minder's central console and agentless technology you can:




  • Check compliance for user accounts, directories, files, configuration settings, daemons, exported directories and more.
  • Monitor for changes to ownership, permissions and attributes for a specific set of files or directories.
  • Monitor for changes to the contents of critical application, configuration or server files.
  • Deploy and manage script execution on multiple servers over a secure connection using Integrated Script Management (ISM.)
  • Create user-defined policies using ISM.
  • Use the Export/Import function to:
    • enforce the same policy requirements across multiple servers.
    • copy the required settings to new servers and configuring them using FixIt to set them to your required settings
  • Email exception-based compliance reports, policy, FixIt or Message log reports to yourself and others.
  • Document your security implementation using templates that reflect your security policy requirements then apply those templates to one or more servers across your organization.
  • Deploy "Fix-It" to return out of compliant items to your security policy specifications.

Examples of ways to use Policy Minder OPEN:

  • Discover files with either the SUID or SGID bit set then monitor them for changes to their ownership, permissions or attributes
  • Discover when the sudoers file has been changed by using the checksum function.
  • Schedule a cron job to run regular compliance checks on the daemons category to find when a daemon has been activated that shouldn't have been. Schedule the FixIt function to set the daemons to the appropriate value (turn them on or off as appropriate.)
  • Upload your scripts to run customized compliance checks and FixIt scripts.
  • Ensure all user accounts have been created - and remain - with the appropriate attributes.
  • Discover new admin accounts.
  • Ensure all files for an application have the appropriate owner, group and permissions. Receive a detailed report specifying any files not figured correctly. Run FixIt to change the settings.
  • Discover and manage inactive user accounts.
  • Ensure that the exported directories that are required for your servers remain along with their appropriate settings.
  • Aide with auditor and compliance requirements by ensuring password rules are set appropriately - both for the global settings and at the user level.
  • Easily set-up new servers by defining file and user account templates, daemon and configuration settings, exporting the policies to the new server and running FixIt to set the configuration.
  • Use the integrated cron function to setup regular compliance checks and immediate FixIt tasks to keep your servers in compliance.
  • Document policy exceptions along with the policy then print the policy when the auditor appears - no more scrambling to find previous years' documentation or writing up the exception in the middle of your audit.

If you'd like more information on SkyView Policy Minder OPEN, contact us