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J2 Software, South Africa

SkyView Policy Minder for IBM i and i5/OS

PolicyMinderSkyView Policy Minder for IBM i and i5/OS automates security administration and policy compliance requirements, reducing the hours of labor intensive analysis required in the administration and compliance processes.

The result is reduced cost and a measurable return on investment.

With Policy Minder you can:

  • Automatically check compliance for user profiles, libraries, objects, directories, authorization lists and more, quickly and easily. No need to download data into a spreadsheet for manual comparisons or writing complex queries.
  • Document your security implementation with unique templates that reflect your security policy requirements. If auditors wish to see your security policy documentation, simply print a "policy report" and you are done.
  • Report which parts of your security are in or out of compliance with your policy. No more time spent analyzing data to figure out if you are in compliance. Just a quick look at the automatically generated reports is all you need.
  • Deploy "Fix-It" to return your system's security configuration to match your security policy requirements. If something is out of compliance, it can be restored to compliance automatically.

If you'd like more information on SkyView Policy Minder, would like to see a customized return on investment analysis or wish to register for a 30-day free trial, contact us