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J2 Software, South Africa

Skyview Partners - Managed Security Services for IBMi, AIX & Linux

logo J2 Software has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the Skyview Partners suite of products. SkyView Partners provides software to help you simplify and automate your security administration tasks and solve your compliance requirements.
PM Automate your IBM i security administration tasks and compliance requirements with SkyView Policy Minder for IBM i
resizedimage5338-PM-Open Automate your AIX and Linux servers' security administration tasks and compliance requirements using SkyView Policy Minder OPEN
RA Security begins with an assessment. Find out your system's vulnerabilities lie, receive an explanation of the issues and suggestions on where to start with SkyView Risk Assessor
resizedimage5136-AJR Pre-defined auditor-ready reports are provided, allowing you to have the security and compliance reports you need without having to understand the complexities of the IBM i audit journal with SkyView Audit Journal Reporter

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