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J2 Software, South Africa

Aspivia - Communcation Cost Control

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Convergence of voice and data has become the de facto offering from most system integration providers and carriers. However, new complexities have arisen primarily due to the fact that the organisations providing system integration are not always the same organisations providing the connectivity required to enable the technology.

J2 Software gives you Aspivia to meet this challenge. J2 Software and Aspivia will provide you with a single view of your entire telecoms spend, empowering you to control costs, stamp out wastage and abuse, and manage your communications budget more efficiently. This, coupled with organisational database integration, results in a solution that makes verifiable reporting without the administration.

aspivia2Aspivia is a web-based solution that provides intelligent business tools which facilitate the effective and responsive management of corporate telecommunications; resulting in improved transparency, accountability and control of costs and strategy. You will have a single powerful system that you can use to monitor and analyse your communications spending in complex environments where voice and data convergence is a reality.

  • Improved utilisation of resources managing telecommunications across different busines areas and locations
  • Ability to highlight and reduce abusive, wasteful or inefficient telecommunications activity
  • Automated, offsite management of large and unstructured communications related data
  • Access to intelligent and detailed reporting of billing and communication activity data, allowing in-depth and meaningful analysis
  • Ability to track budgets and allowances in real-time
  • Ability to manage and verify carrier and vendor performance, optimising return on communications investment
  • Central data point to assist with organisational and workforce change management
  • Access to impartial, up to date information on market and pricing developments
  • Access to consulting services aimed at improving communications strategy and structure
  • Improved management of telecommunication and other business expenses
  • Ability to take informed business decisions and actions
  • Ability to devise objectives and strategies that can be accurately measured and managed