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  • Security and Privacy go Hand-in-Hand

    Dtex Advanced User Behavioural Monitoring

  • A malicious insider doesn’t act on a whim

    Insider Cyber Threat

Dtex provides an incredibly lightweight micro-agent on each end point.

  • Advanced User Behavioural Monitoring  
  • Dtex’s Anonymisation
  • Insider Cyber Threat
  • Detect Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Security Controls
  • Spot Malicious Employees
  • Off-Network Risky Behaviour
  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Accidental Misuse
  • External Compromise of Devices
  • Operational Efficiency Analysis
  • IT Regulatory Compliance
  • IT Visibility and Support


Dtex Sections

External Compromise of Devices

As external attackers become more sophisticated, reliance on signatures and even heuristics to detect cybercrime becomes less effective. Dtex automatically builds a profile of each your user's normal activity, and alerts you and your security team to anomalies.

Dtex picks up indicators of compromise like unusual use of admin / hacking tools, unusual transfers or consolidation of data, and unusual after-hours activity.

When used in combination with your threat intel feeds and/or perimeter security tools, Dtex can also be used to identify compromised machines and the source of an attack.
Operational Efficiency Analysis

For call centers, outsourced operations and any operation where throughput matters, use Dtex to clearly understand the differences between high performing teams and poor performing teams. Use advanced human analytics to understand what systems, resources, and sources of information are used by your successful teams. This will allow you to build training programs to address the gaps.

IT Regulatory Compliance

With Dtex, you can move away from checkbox compliance and show the world that you use real data-driven validation to maintain compliance.

Use Dtex to verify that you IT security controls are working and are enforced.
IT Visibility and Support

Dtex answers common IT support questions in seconds that can take hours or even days with other systems:

  • An employee left the company - what files did they take with them?
  • A user "lost" a file somewhere on the network - where is it?
  • A laptop was lost or stolen - what data was on it?

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