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J2 Software, South Africa

Managed Security Services for IBMi, AIX and Linux

shutterstock 71690329J2 Software can provide Managed Security Services for your IBMi, AIX or Linux server infrastructure. Using the leading solutions and backed by some of the most knowledgeable people in the field we will ensure that your IBMi, AIX or Linux equipment is always in full compliance with your polices.

All good security begins with an assessment. We will tell you what your system’s vulnerabilities are, where these lie and provide an explanation of the issues. J2 Software will also provide with suggestions to not only remedy the issues, we will even provide suggestion on where to focus your attention first.  

Our Managed Security Services will:

  • Automatically check compliance for user profiles, libraries, objects, directories, authorization lists and more – No manual downloads to spreadsheets
  • Document your Security implementation with unique templates that reflect your security policy requirements
  • Print your Security Policy for the auditors with the click of a button
  • Provide reports on any aspects of your security setup which is out of compliance
  • Deploy “Fix-It” to return your system’s security configuration to match your security policy.
AIX and Linux
  • Check compliance for user accounts, directories, files, configuration settings, daemons, exported directories and more
  • Monitor changes of ownership, permissions and attributes
  • Monitor changes to contents of critical application, configuration and server files
  • Deploy and Manage script execution on multiple servers over a secure connection
  • Document your security implementation using templates that reflect your security policy requirements
  • Deploy “Fix-It” to return out of compliant items to your security policy specifications
  • Document Policy Exceptions along with your policy for when your Auditors appear – no more scrambling

All this peace of mind for a fixed and manageable monthly fee.