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Deliver any application, to any device, instantly! Cloudware enables instant access to any of your business critical applications from tablets, smartphones, desktop or laptops. Using Cloudware customers can own their very own Cloud Application Store (CAS).

Cloudware Overview

Cloudware is a virtualization technology that runs your applications on a server anywhere in the world, and delivers them to your devices anywhere in the world. Accessing your most important business applications becomes as easy as clicking on Cloudware, and choosing the application you want to use. The application “opens” on your device, and you start using it straight away. Doesn’t matter if your on a home PC, your work computer, sitting on a train with your smartphone, or on holiday with your iPad… Cloudware gives you instant access to the applications you need to run your business.

The applications you are using do not run on your machine, they run inside a private or public cloud of the customers’ choosing, which means your data is safe, your access is secure, and you don’t need to load anything on your local device.

This also means you don’t have to worry about the devices themselves. If your computer crashes, grab your tablet, click on Cloudware, and just keep going. You can use as many of your own devices as you like to access your business critical applications. Cloudware handles all the complicated stuff too, like printing, syncing with AD and roaming profiles.


Any Application, Anywhere

Deliver any application, to any device, instantly!

Cloudware enables instant access to any of your business critical applications from tablets, smartphones, desktop or laptops. Using Cloudware customers can own their very own Cloud Application Store (CAS), from which they can publish any applications they choose.

Once Cloudware is installed, your virtual application store is ready to use:


Just click on the application you want, and it will instantly appear on your device. How long does it take for Cloudware to build you this Cloud Application Store? … about an hour.


True Cloud Migration

Cloudware allows you to migrate to the Cloud in your own time. Baby steps. First tackle that application that you're having difficulty delivering to those regional sites with less than standard connectivity. Then deliver all your apps to all the users at that site, or deliver that one app to all users at all sites. Gradually add other applications and sites. As time goes by, replace your costly desktops with your Cloud device of choice. We recommend the CloudGate - an Android desktop that your users love with all the Windows applications they need to do their jobs.

All of the above is possible at any stage, starting today. There is no impact on your current network as you migrate. Every decision is in your own time.

Cloudware allows you to migrate as little or as much of your current investment to the cloud, in your own time. Cloudware allows you to become your own Cloud provider. You can even keep your investment on site, and initially load Cloudware on site, until it makes sense to you to move more fully to the Cloud.

1True Cloud Migration

The business benefits of Cloudware

Your business no longer needs to support individual devices, or individual installations of software. You can even remove the support of Operating Systems for end users and branches. Cloudware enables you to deliver all your business critical apps from one central environment, delivered as far and wide as you choose. Your very own Private Cloud!.

In the current market, it’s essential for businesses to cut costs, and save money. Businesses are saving up to 80% of their current support and maintenance costs, and over 60% on devices costs for their offices and branches.

A single installation of Cloudware removes the need to install software for users, and removes the need to support these installations. Just manage your central environment, and the rest takes care of itself. Businesses can purchase inexpensive thin computing or tablet devices, and have access to all their business critical applications, instantly.


Because Cloudware is so efficient on bandwidth, it averages between 6k and 22k whist using your apps… effective even over slow GSM links! The cost for business to become cloud enabled, fully mobile, fully secure and resilient against downtime is prohibitively expensive. Using Cloudware, businesses throughout South Africa have enabled their own private application store, at a fraction of the cost. You only pay for what you use, and instantly enable all your applications to cloud. This means full mobility, security and resilience, one place to back-up, one place to maintain… saving companies millions every year, and delivering all the benefits of cloud!

Cloudware instantly enables mobile users to gain access to business critical applications, growing productivity in your organization by up to 60%. Constant access, from anywhere in the world, on any device, means your users are able to approve quotes, generate proposals, sign-off projects, even access critical CRM and ERP information instantly. Using their laptop, home desktop, smartphone or tablet, your business and it’s resources can be active and productive on demand. This results in far higher efficiency and productivity, which translates into more money and time for your business.

A New Era of Desktop Computing


A powerful Android computer with PlayStore Access.


Instantly work with all your Windows Apps.


Anything Android, Anything Windows, One Device

An Android-based desktop replacement that delivers the rich environment of Android, and any Windows applications you need. Access to both Business and Personal Apps within Google’s PlayStore, with over 1 Million applications.

  • Greatly reduced Support, Zero Pre-Configuration*
  • Plugs into your existing HD screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Slash your electricity bill 10 fold*
  • A powerful Android Desktop computer, at a fraction of the cost
  • Fits into the palm of your hand

Speed of Cloudware

The days of employees being confined to desks and PC's owned and controlled by the company are long gone. Workers are increasingly mobile, and they no longer keep office hours, preferring to send e-mails and complete tasks whilst mobile or from home. Cloudware makes this easy for any organization to achieve, driving productivity and growth.


Ever heard of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? Imagine the ability to publish all your applications on a central app store, within your business or organization, and instantly let all of your employees access these apps from anywhere in the world… on what ever device they choose! That is true BYOD. Business no longer needs to build applications to be compatible with mobile devices, they just need Cloudware, and they will instantly have their very own application store, ready to use today!


In the world of cloud, access to information is only half the puzzle. The ability to use and change information is equally important, but the only way to change or manipulate data is by using the right application. Change SAP data in SAP R3, edit documents in Word, and update financials in Pastel. The ability to access your business critical applications enables you to do all this, from any device, anywhere in the world. That is true mobility, powered by Cloudware


Security is essential when considering cloud services, and Cloudware is no exception, offering world-class security through military grade encryption and SSL certificate enablement, to ensure the communication channels are secure. Importantly, your data never leaves the data centre, ensuring its privacy and safety.


And since your data never leaves the data centre, what we encrypt are the pixels which will appear on your device.

Cloudware’s security enables users to be fully mobile, without the concern for security, and without the need for VPN’s and other overheads to get access to your business applications and data. It’s fast simple and secure access to exactly what you need, whether it’s typing a word document on your iPad, or releasing a payment from SAP on your Android Smartphone… any application you choose can be securely available to you from anywhere in the world.


Encryption comes standard in Cloudware, and if you require an SSL certified encryption through any SSL provider, Cloudware will enable the use of these for you. You can make your encryption as secure as you choose, even beyond the 4096bit encryption used by banks. From large financial institutions, to corporates and SME’s, Cloudware delivers the level of security that meets your industries standards.

Cloudware ISV model

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), then Cloudware can help you:

  • Deliver your software to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android out of the box - avoid the costs of horizontal development.
  • Dramatically reduce your sales lead time - no need to install your software on your customer's server, or their workstations...
  • Host your applications for your clients. We will engage with you to work out the optimum Virtual Server spec, for your intended market, at a price point that works.
  • Centrally manage all your applications - to update 500 seats, just update the application centrally, once.
  • Great for multi-site deployments - instead of running 4 seperate installations, with all the reporting challenges that brings, run a single hosted deployment which all the sites can connect to seamlessly using Cloudware.

We allow you to easily achieve Software as a Service (Saas).

Your software + Hosted Virtual Server + Cloudware = the Cloudware ISV model.

Virtual Printing Made Easy

One of the historical challenges of centralised computing and virtualised environments is the ability to print to a local or network printer (aka the printer the user normally prints to). There is also a more recent challenge: being able to print to any printer from any device, such as to a friend's BlueTooth enabled printer from your tablet

Cloudware compresses the document to PostScript format, and let's the client device do the printing. As long as the client device has a printer installed, or has access to a network printer, then it can print.

Cloudware Disaster Recovery

A Case Study:

A grudge purchase? Much like insurance, there is a perception amongst many customers that Disaster Recovery and Continuity only become relevant after a disaster happens, and once it’s happened the opportunity for return on investment has already passed. The normal statement… what are the chances of it happening again?

The reality is the costs of providing seamless DR and Continuity have historically been far too high, and due to this legacy, many customers would far rather take the risk of facing a disaster, than spend the required investment ensuring a disaster won’t bring them to their knees. Over and above the cost, comes the complexity… how do you ensure that when disaster strikes, the DR and failover you’ve invested in will work first time. If they don’t, the impact is both the disaster itself, as well as the failed investment in avoiding it.

If the high cost and complexity can be removed from this equation, DR and Failover become the norm; a commodity that all organizations accept as part of securing their business at an affordable cost.

One of the largest providers of supply, logistics and finance in the Steel industry worldwide, with representative offices in South Africa, has been exploring the above scenarios for some time. As with many large organizations, they have their own private Primary Data Centre, and a second geographically remote Data Centre for replication of their Business Critical Data, hosted by a well-known ISP. Their replication was facilitated through a high-speed fibre link, joining the respective Data Centres, and ensuring their SAP Data remained current in both facilities. This aspect of DR and Continuity is certainly the least complex, and forms the foundation… simply ensuring a backup / replication of current and relevant Data to another location. The complexity is apparent when you look at how to seamlessly access the Data at the DR site, and continue working without interruption, should the Primary Data Centre experience a disaster. Interestingly, the solution to both the cost and complexity barriers comes from Virtualization technology; the ability to deliver the applications that interact with Data from anywhere, at anytime, instantaneously.

Turrito Networks began working with the above Customer in late 2011, providing a proprietary virtualization license, known as Cloudware, to virtualize the Customers’ Business Critical Applications to any device, from any server environment. The intention for the Customer was to make end-user devices irrelevant. You could immediately work with any Windows, Linux or Apple based application on the device of your choice (iPads, Android Devices, Smart Phones, Laptops, Thin Clients etc). Turrito Networks completed the rollout of the POC, and the Customer began running tests on the virtualization technology, delivering their now centralized applications (primarily SAP GUI) to users in any region, on any device they chose. Turrito Networks had in passing highlighted Cloudware’s ability to allow instant and seamless failover to any geographic location and server environment, but this was not part of the initial scope of testing the Customers’ Application Virtualization.

In early 2012, during the testing period of Cloudware, the Customer experienced their largest and most impactful outage of their Primary Data Centre. The consequences of the outage were potentially crippling, and although their Data was safely replicated to the DR facility, they had no way of remotely accessing it, and no way of allowing their admin staff to continue working without interruption. A senior technical resource for the Customer recalled Turrito’s discussion around the failover and continuity capabilities of Cloudware, and minutes after the Primary DC outage, pulled the Cloudware licenses from the Primary Server, and uploaded them to the DR Facility. Within 20 minutes of the primary site outage, all the Customers admin users were immediately back to work on their Applications, unaware that they were now being delivered from a totally new location at the DR site. Their applications were simply accessible once again, from any device, and work returned to normal, whilst their IT department began repairing the primary site outage.

Cloudware received a call the following morning from the Customer, confirming that their disaster had been averted by the quick action of one of their resources, and the Cloudware virtualization licenses that brought their business back online. Since the incident, the Customer has finalized their new architecture, including Cloudware licenses at both their Primary and DR facilities. In the event of a Primary site outage, their users would not even be aware of the failure, as their applications would instantly be delivered from the DR facility, without manual intervention, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional DR and Continuity solutions.

One of the primary functions of Cloudware technology, is to enable virtual delivery of applications from any location & environment, to any location and device, over any connection. Licensing is enabled within an hour on any prepared customer environment, and access to Primary or Secondary / DR is instant. This is the next step in Business Continuity solutions, and changes the way businesses interact with their most critical applications. A truly scalable and seamless approach to robust business continuity.

Cloudware enables instant DR, from anywhere in the world.

Your very own business app store

Cloudware is a virtualization technology that runs your applications on a server wherever it is in the world, and delivers them to your devices wherever they are in the world. Accessing your most important business applications becomes as easy as clicking on Cloudware, and choosing the application you want to use. The application “opens” on your device, and you start using it straight away. It doesn’t matter if you're on a home PC, your work computer, sitting in the garden with your smartphone, or on holiday with your iPad… Cloudware gives you instant access to the applications you need to run your business. And access to your applications is managed by AD, just as it is today - Cloudware inherits the permissions and security of Active Directory and delivers your applications accordingly.

business apps