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J2 Software, South Africa

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

Defense-in-depth, in-line and automated

Hackers are coming after your people, systems, and data with custom-tailored zero day and advanced threat attacks designed to exploit your vulnerabilities and bypass your existing security. With Zscaler APT Protection, you can now protect your organization from these sophisticated threats with a multi-layered “protect-detect-remediate” defense framework, including advanced “signatureless” behavioral analysis and forensics capabilities.

Unlike security appliances, Zscaler is always in-line with your Internet traffic, bi-directionally inspecting every byte, including inspecting traffic encrypted with SSL and automatically blocking malware, quarantining infected devices, preventing botnet communications and stopping data exfiltration attempts

Protect, Detect, Remediate Defense Framework

The Protect-Detect-Remediate defense framework is a best practices approach for defending against APTs. Zscaler provides the only solution that can provide a complete, integrated protect-detect-remediate defense for any IP enabled device in your organization.