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Hey! Hackers! Leave our data alone!

A worrying number of large company breaches have splashed on the news scene recently. How can you as the customer feel safe sharing your personal details when it is just not being kept safe?

You are expected to without hesitation, give out as much credentials as possible, so then it would only be fair that the companies start to take their cyber security seriously in order to safely say that your information is in fact safe with them.

Statistics have shown that cyber breaches, big or small, have increased drastically since last year, with hackers becoming more sophisticated and bypassing the security measures that once stood steadfast.

These numbers should be an indication to organisations that they need to reevaluate the level of cyber security they have in place; the numbers show us that you need to do more than a 6 monthly or yearly test and review. New attacks into play every week, so you have no choice but to be on top of the game. Having a trusted partner like, J2 Software, to guide you and ensure you are staying ahead of the hackers, is so important.

Keeping your employees up to date with training, as often as needed, will ensure they are equipped and can help stop attacks. Knowing what to look out for can also prevent successful social engineering attempts on your people.

Whether one likes to admit it or not, human error plays a big role, CEO’s need to make it their mission to have the best in cyber security solutions so that not only are the hackers blocked, but that insider threats and unintentional infections can be detected and stopped.

Cyber security is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a requirement for the modern business.  Hackers will quickly cotton on if they see that this is not on your company’s priority list. Those who only give security lip service are being hit the worst. Investing wisely in practical solutions will save you a lot more than the cost of doing damage control after a breach has occurred.

Having the proper cyber security solutions increases an organisations’ productivity by stopping breaches and by ensuring there is zero downtime.

The need for cyber security is not the new diet fad; it is a very real and serious requirement. The sooner companies take it seriously, the sooner your business will be safer and your client base will increase. Customers want their information to be safe, it’s now a new tick on the checklist before using any organisation.

Don’t just be another brick in a hacker’s attack wall, contact us and let us help you make sure your organisation is informed, protected and constantly monitored in order to ensure nothing gets in or out without being notified.


Olivia-Hannah Coetzee

  • J2 Software Online Backup

    J2 Software backups

    What would you do if you lost all your data?
    We specialise in automated backups to the cloud

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  • Dtex Systems


    Detect and stop the insider cyber threat

    Dtex combines an incredibly lightweight micro-agent on each endpoint with a powerful server-based analysis engine to deliver security, visibility, and cost saving solutions

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  • Dtex Systems / Williams Grand Prix Engineering Case Study


    Learn how Williams Grand Prix Engineering uses Dtex Systems to protect high value intellectual property. As Williams moves from a control-centric security model to a people-centric security model, they needed the full visibility across all endpoints provided by Dtex Systems.

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Mandy Mckernan

For PPS Insurance Company Ltd.

Since 2002 J2 Software (Pty)Ltd. have delivers consulting Services.


Luis Da Silva

ICT: Operations Manager - Europ Assistance South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

We use System Skan and Mimecast for both email managment and data security.

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Mark Saunders

IT Manager - WorldNet Logistics (Pty) Ltd..

Since 2010, J2 Software is our preferred supplier of Mimecast Mail Management solution without any issues. View Letter

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Immo Steffens

IT Manager - Sharp Electronics

We at Seartec Trading (Pty) Ltd. have had the please of dealing with J2 Software for more the 4 years. Their knowledge of SystemSkan is superb.View Letter