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Preton Print and Save


Professional print management software to reduce toner, ink and paper consumption
Save up to 50% on Printing Costs
A typical business spends 1-3% of its revenue on printing without directly knowing on what this money is spent. Do you know how much of your bottom line is spent on printing? Probably not: most businesses do not have controls in place to monitor or manage their printing activities.
Preton understands this problem and offers your business a risk-free software solution to save up to 50% on your printing costs without impacting quality. PretonSaver enables businesses of all sizes to immediately reduce toner and ink consumption with ongoing savings on paper usage.
PretonSaver uses Preton's patent-pending Pixel Optimizer technology for reducing toner consumption by identifying and deleting overlapping pixels. By intelligently removing unnecessary pixels, Pixel Optimizer can save you up to 35% in toner or ink without visibly impacting quality.
Immediate Savings
Immediately upon installation and activation, PretonSaver reduces toner and ink consumption with no compromise to quality. The software runs in the background, automatically applying savings controls with no interruption to business processes or end user workflows.
Complete Visibility
PretonSaver automatically identifies all your local and network printers. By collecting comprehensive usage statistics for each print job, PretonSaver can provide comprehensive information at the organizational, group, individual and application levels. This information is compiled into detailed cost and usage reports for complete visibility of printing patterns and cost structures.
Ongoing Optimization
PretonSaver includes flexible rules to optimize an organization's print activities including paper usage for additional savings up to 20%. Print rules include a range of privileges and quotas that can be enforced universally or on specific users, groups or applications. For example, color printing privileges for the marketing department N-up or duplex printing with high savings levels for all print jobs from Outlook, or monochrome printing and removal of graphics and pictures for all print jobs from Internet browsers.
Centralized Management
PretonSaver's unified framework enables centralized management of all reporting and system administration. The software can be installed on-premise or in the cloud as a SaaS-based model. Whether installed on-premise or in the Cloud, PretonSaver can be up and running within a few minutes.
  • Toner and ink optimization
  • Comprehensive reports and statistics
  • Customized print rules and policies
  • Supports all printer types:
    • Ink jet and laser
    • Monochrome and color
    • Network and local
  • Windows environment integration

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