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J2 Software is embarking on a campaign to assist customers to overcome what has become the biggest cyber security threat to businesses - users.

John Mc Loughlin, MD J2 Software, says insider threats cause the most damage to businesses with breaches leading to destruction of reputation and loss of market confidence.

“I am in almost constant discussion with IT and Security professionals who tell me that their users are the most common source of breaches. I believe it is time to steer away from blaming the users and talk with them so that we can help them become part of the solution,” says Mc Loughlin.

J2 Software has launched a packed solution aimed at helping SME’s get a handle on cyber threats. Cyber-attacks on an SME can have a far harsher long term effect than larger businesses. A larger entity will likely have established facilities in place to recover in the event of a cyber-attack.  When a SME is hit; it may take days or weeks to fully recover – that is if they can recover at all.

According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC)[i] SA ranks third highest in the world for cyber-attacks.  Whilst there do not appear to be stats on the local SME sector, internationally a report by Deloittes[ii] reveals that in Holland, cyber-crime costs the Dutch SME sector €1 (Euros) billion each year.   At todays exchange rate that equates to R16704250000,00.  The figure for the Dutch economy as a whole is put at around €10 billion, or 1.3% of that country’s GDP.

You cannot swing a laptop without hitting a major data breach these days. Internationally there are lawsuits launched every day. Security officers are being raked over the coals and their integrity and qualifications are being scrutinised and questioned. People are infuriated by the losses, financial and reputational (even worse) to their businesses and themselves.

Does anyone really think there is anything different in South Africa?

The latest string of major breaches are aimed at businesses with security budgets that are larger than the annual turnover of most South African businesses. It is nothing short of naïve to think this can’t happen or is not actually happening, to you.

I live by the mantra that there are two types of businesses – those who have been breached and those that don’t know that they have been breached. Do you know where your business fits in? We live in a South Africa driven by digital migrations and evolving data security and compliance laws and regulations, the life of the chief information officer (CIO) is complex. Where should they start?

"J2 Software is excited to present our approach to security at AfriSecure in October. We will present a workshop that will highlight how real visibility will help you not only understand what is really going on in the modern business, but also how this will improve your security. Without total visibility you cannot be secure or compliant."

J2 Software launched in 2006 to provide their customers with practical solutions to improve security and ensure compliance with changing ICT codes and privacy laws. J2 Software believes that you cannot continue to do security in the same way it has always been done and expect different results. It is this belief that drives their Cyber Security Centre experts to deliver superior and modern solutions.

We read about new threats and see new breaches every day. The world has changed, threats have changed, yet most businesses still deploy only traditional security. Come down to AfriSecure and let J2 Software show you how real and total visibility of activity across your environment will allow you to provide proactive security to your organisation. J2 Software will let you answer some tough questions in seconds, rather than weeks or months.


Afrimat, a leading open pit mining company providing industrial minerals and construction materials, has enhanced its security profile through a comprehensive new IT security partnership with value-added ICT firm J2 Software.

With a limited IT team in-house, Afrimat has partnered with J2 managed security services to improve its security posture across five key risk areas: emails, endpoints, internet access, mobile device management and human behaviour tracking. 

Johan du Plessis, General Manager Technology Systems at Afrimat, says in the current environment, in which cyber-crime is proliferating, Afrimat sought significantly enhanced security without having to grow its in-house resources or immediately implement a wave of new solutions. “By partnering with J2, we gained a team of cyber security experts on our side, who carried out a thorough risk assessment, developed a cyber security roadmap that addressed our business’s needs, and implemented appropriate solutions.”

J2 deployed Mimecast, Zscaler, Webrooot endpoint solution and Dtex SystemSkan to address Afrimat’s current security priorities.